How Do I Know How Much Heating Oil is in My Tank?

If you use oil to help heat your home you may be worried about running out of oil on the coldest of winter days. It is no fun to have your heating source stop working and it can cause serious problems in your home such as frozen pipes.

When it comes to using an oil furnace, it can be difficult to know how much oil is in your tank. There are tips and tricks that can help you learn to read how much oil is left in your tank so that you will know when it is time to fill it up. Here are two ways you can get initial readings from your oil tank.

  • Oil Tank Gauge – Your tank may have a gauge that can help you understand how much oil is left. These gauges are usually a float assembly that moves up and down with the oil levels. This is then connected to a gauge that will show you the level of oil in your tank.
  • No Oil Tank Gauge – If there is no gauge on your tank or the gauge is broken you can use a large stick, string and weight, or a folding rule. You will need to mark the top of the stick or string then stick it into the oil tank till it reaches the bottom. Once you pull the measuring tool out you can compare the oil level to the top and bottom of your tank.

Once you have a  reading from either the tank gauge or your own measuring tool you can use the chart on Woolley Home Solutions homepage to work out if you will need to have your oil refilled or not. This chart is easy to use and you can get results by filling in the different questions. You will need to have some type of measurement, whether it be from a gauge or measuring tool, for this tool to work.

It is important to check your oil levels before winter hits, this way you can have your tank refilled knowing that it will keep you warm all winter long. If you are having difficulty reading your tank, or you have questions about your oil furnace, contact the team at Woolley Home Solutions today.