How Much Heating Oil Will I Use This Winter?

Wintry weather has arrived in New Jersey—are you prepared to take on the cold? When temperatures drop, it’s a joy to stay in and keep cozy. Spending more time at home than usual will increase your home heating oil usage, meaning you’ll need fuel oil refills more often than usual. If you’re working remotely this season (or your kids are home from school), don’t forget to keep a close eye on your oil storage tank gauge to prepare yourself to place another oil delivery request for your New Jersey home.

So just how much heating oil will you use this winter? Read more to learn how to monitor your usage and be as efficient as possible this winter.

How to Check Your Oil Storage Tank’s Fill Gauge

Are you familiar with your heating oil storage container’s tank gauge? If not, now is the time to get acquainted. The tank gauge tells you how much fuel is remaining in your tank. This small circular dial can be found on the top or side of your oil tank. Check where the needle is, just like reading your car’s gas gauge. Is it full, ¾, ½, ¼, or empty?

Order Oil before Your Gauge Reads ¼

In order to ensure you’ll stay warm and cozy this winter, you should place an oil refill request before your tank reaches the 1/4th capacity marker. Not only does this give the team at Woolley Home Solutions plenty of time to get you heating oil, but it also helps protect your tank from running out of oil, which isn’t great for your furnace, boiler, or hot water heater.

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How Do I Remember to Check My Fuel Gauge?

Your oil tank is probably in the basement, so checking the tank gauge frequently might not cross your mind. We recommend writing a note on your calendar or setting a reminder on your smartphone to check your oil tank gauge. This is a reliable and easy way to make sure you have enough fuel without relying on memory.

When you’re ready to place your delivery request, Woolley Home Solutions will be there for you! We want the best for every customer, and that includes keeping your home comfortable this heating season. Click here to learn more about our Bioheat® fuel delivery, and let Woolley Home Solutions keep you cozy with a tank refill.