Oil Equipment Repair & Maintenance

If your New Jersey oil heating equipment needs a little TLC, look no further. Woolley Home Solutions employs experts in the energy industry who would be more than happy to provide a repair for your oil furnace or oil boiler. We’re committed to getting your equipment running smoothly at a great price. Contact us for a quote to learn how affordable your furnace or boiler repair could be.


Oil Furnace & Boiler Repairs

Oil furnaces and boilers are among the most dependable heating systems in the United States. They’re easily installed, require no gas lines, and can be used anywhere, including the most remote, rural areas. Oil equipment is efficient and proves a greener option with the introduction of low emission features and improved efficiencies. Still, age and damage take their toll on heating systems, which occasionally need a repair to help keep them running as they should.

With knowledge and decades of experience behind them, the oil furnace and boiler professionals at Woolley Home Solutions will have your heat up and running in no time, providing you and your family with comfort and peace of mind.


Efficiency Tune-Ups for Heating Equipment

Regular furnace or boiler inspection helps prevent a small problem from turning into an expensive repair or replacement. For thorough furnace and boiler repairs in Maplewood, choose Woolley Home Solutions! An experienced furnace and boiler technician will come to your home and perform an inspection, looking for signs of leaks, corroded pipes, and many other issues which you may not have noticed could be going on. By having inspections done on a regular basis, your furnace or boiler will remain in great shape, and any problems will be caught and fixed before they become detrimental to your entire heating system or your family’s well-being. You can even save up to 10% on your heating bills by maintaining your system annually.


Time for a Replacement?

If you find the furnace or boiler in your Maplewood home is not performing efficiently and is over ten years old, you may need a replacement. Today’s oil furnaces and boilers burn much cleaner and more efficiently than their predecessors. EPA standards, as well as those standards self-imposed by the heating industry, guarantee that your home will be heated efficiently, cleanly, and with less impact on the environment than just a few decades ago. A new heating system will also reduce your fuel and repair bills by as much as 30% each year.