No Heat?

Is your NJ home or business experiencing a heat-out situation? There’s no need to panic. Woolley Home Solutions is your best choice for heating repair service in and around the Maplewood, New Jersey area. But before we visit your property to service your heating equipment, our technicians have pulled together some helpful tips that may jump-start your heating system and help you avoid an emergency repair situation. Try the suggestions below, and if you still don’t have any luck, give our experts a call. We’ll always be happy to help.



  1. Is the thermostat properly set? No matter what else may be the trouble, your burner will not restart unless the thermostat is set several degrees higher than the thermometer on its face.
  2. If you have a clock thermostat make sure the time is set right and it is not on the night time
    setting when it should be on the day setting. If the clock is not moving in the center the battery
    could be dead.
  3. The blue is the night and the red is the day. If the clock doesn’t work you can put the two
    together and use it as a regular thermostat.
  4. Are the control switches on? There may be two switches controlling your burner. One
    usually near the basement stairway or utility room door.
  5. Is there oil in the tank? Especially if you do not have automatic fuel delivery, or have been
    keeping the house warmer than usual without telling your fuel dealer, check the fuel tank gauge.
  6. A blown fuse? The fuse box for the burner is usually near the electric meter. Replace any
    blown fuses or just reset the breaker.
  7. How about the water level? If yours is a steam boiler with a low water cut-off, make sure
    the water in the boiler gauge is over the water line.
  8. If you checked everything and still have a problem. CALL WOOLLEY AT 973-762-7400