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In the northeastern US winter can be quite cold.  When the mercury plummets outside, Maplewood homeowners tend to bump up the thermostat in an attempt to create a pleasant indoor environment.  Since cool winter air holds less moisture, the humidity in your home is already compromised.  As the heat flows throughout your home, making things comfortable and cozy, the indoor humidity continues to drop.

The season for indoor heating can be long.  New Jersey residents may turn on their heat in late October, and your furnace might run, pretty consistently, for months.  Continued use of your furnace is necessary to keep your home and your family warm and comfortable, but it can also produce a dry house.  If your indoor air is too dry, it can become uncomfortable, and, many experts believe, unhealthy.

So, what can be done to alter this dry environment?  And how can you find the right balance for your home?  The answer is really pretty simple.  When you install a whole house humidifier, your air is adjusted to the right level of humidity for your home.   Whole house humidifiers take the guesswork out of creating the right balance of moisture in your home.  Moreover, whole house humidifiers create the ideal environment for New Jersey homes.

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Whole Home Humidifiers by Aprilaire

At Woolley Home Solutions, we provide our customers with only the best in the industry, so we install Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers. Aprilaire is the leading manufacturer of whole-home indoor air quality products. Aprilaire has been delivering Total home comfort solutions for more than 50 years. Their products work with all leading brands of heating and cooling equipment. Plus, they only partner industry-leading contractors, so you get the most comprehensive line of solutions available today.

Woolley Home Solutions is proud to be an Aprilaire comfort products dealer, allowing us to pair our outstanding customer service and experience with industry leading products, delivering the best in home comfort solutions to our customers throughout Essex, Somerset, Morris, and Union counties.

Finding the Correct Humidity Balance in Your Home

For many years, homeowners plagued by dry sinuses, upper respiratory problems, and seriously dry skin, assumed that was the price to be paid for living in an area of the country that celebrates four beautiful seasons.  For the more serious reactions to the lack of indoor humidity, such as chronic cough, or those with compromised breathing and conditions such as asthma, COPD, and other serious breathing issues, vaporizers and portable room humidifiers were the only answer.

Lack of moist indoor air can also take a toll on your hardwood floors, furniture, indoor plants, and even your electronics, by creating a static environment.  Finding a balance is difficult, and the impact of too-dry air can be costly.  A portable humidifier, while easy to operate, provides humidity for only a small area, and requires continual maintenance to prevent mold from growing.  Protecting your entire home from the effects of too-dry air requires installation of a whole house humidifier.

Comfortable and Efficient

With a whole house humidifier, your indoor air maintains the ideal level of moisture, no matter the temperature setting.  Today’s whole house humidifiers allow you to ‘set it and forget it’, never causing worry over the damaging effects of your home’s air quality.  Centrally humidifying your home creates a comfortable environment for all.

Because it’s difficult for dry air to maintain heat (think of desert climates at night), your whole house humidifier will provide a more energy efficient environment in your home.  You’ll no longer find it necessary to keep bumping up your thermostat in an effort to keep you home comfortable, and running your furnace less often will show in your power bills.

For residents in and around Maplewood, NJ, it makes sense to invest in whole house humidifiers.  Trust Woolley Home Solutions to install your humidifier.  Since 1924, homeowners in the Maplewood area have turned to the family-owned Woolley Home Solutions for all of their heating, cooling and plumbing needs.  With experience and customer satisfaction that’s unmatched, Woolley Home Solutions is your go-to when it comes to whole house humidifiers.

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