Sump Pump Installation in New Jersey

As anyone in New Jersey knows, basements, crawl spaces, and other areas of your home can fall victim to water build-up or flooding.  The damage which ensues is nothing short of a catastrophe and counting on an old, outdated sump pump to keep your home dry, may be a big mistake.  Even a damp basement can wreak havoc for homeowners, ruining possessions and causing dangerous mold to build.  Sump pump installation in New Jersey is much more than insurance against water damage, it provides peace of mind.

Sump pumps have been common in New Jersey homes for many decades.  In the Maplewood area, you would be hard-pressed to find a home without a sump pump.  The job of a sump pump is to keep your home from flooding.  Natural water build-up, through the soil, underground springs, flash storms, or quick thawing of heavy winter snow and ice, can easily threaten your home’s basement, causing all sorts of problems for you, the homeowner.

Why Have a Sump Pump?

Your sump pump was installed to make sure the water doesn’t ever threaten your home.  Typically housed in a “sump pit”-a hole dug in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace-your pump turns on automatically when water in the pit reaches a measurable level.  Your sump pump then pumps the water out of your home via a pipe connection.

Flooding isn’t the only concern for homeowners.  Even a minimal amount of moisture entry into your home can be cause for concern.  Musty odors and damp air can indicate the right atmosphere for mold and mildew, which don’t just pose a threat to your environment, but can be a health threat as well.  Household mold can seep into your drywall and ventilation system, making it quite costly to remedy.

Signs You May Need a New Sump Pump

Since sump pumps have been commonplace for decades, you may well find you need sump pump installation in New Jersey in order to have optimum protection from water damage.  Here are some things to look for before you consider new sump pump installation in your home.

A noisy pump indicates certain parts could be wearing out.  Humming, thumping, rattling, or grinding can be signs of a variety of problems, from the need for a new fan, to issues with your pump’s motor.  Contact Woolley Home Solutions for a sump pump inspection if your pump is making noise. Our team of experts may be able to perform a sump pump repair that can save you money on the cost of a brand-new installation.

Frequent on-off cycles and long run times are a sure sign your pump isn’t performing efficiently.  This could indicate an electrical problem with the pump, or a pump or pit/basin which is too small for the amount of water.  Woolley Home Solutions can assist you in choosing the right sump pump and sump pump installation in New Jersey.

Water accumulation in your basin or pit, above the float indicator, is a sure sign you need a new sump pump.  Your pump may not have stopped working altogether, but it is definitely on the way out.  Depending on the age of your home, your pump may be fairly outdated.  Contact Woolley Home Solutions to find out more about sump pump installation in New Jersey.

Professional Sump Pump Installation in New Jersey

If you notice any of the tell-tale signs your sump pump needs replaced and you want to avoid a catastrophe, contact Woolley Home Solutions. Woolley Home Solutions Company is the go-to in the Essex County, NJ area for all of your home HVAC and plumbing needs.  Since 1924, area residents have counted on the courteous, professional and knowledgeable staff at Woolley Home Solutions to maintain their homes’ heating, cooling, and plumbing.  Contact Woolley Home Solutions for sump pump installation in New Jersey.

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