Sump Pump Repair in New Jersey

A faulty sump pump can cause more than just headaches for homeowners in the New Jersey area.  If your sump pump stops working you may end up with significant damage to your home and your belongings.  A broken sump pump can lead to water damage, and even dangerous mold, which can easily get out of control before you see any sign, leading to costly repairs, and loss of precious possessions, and may even pose a health threat to you and your family.

Obviously, the best time for sump pump repair in New Jersey is before your basement fills with water and compromises the security of your home.  Once your sump pump stops working entirely, your sump pump repair in New Jersey could cost you, not only in the fix, but also in clean-up, should a catastrophe occur.   By knowing, and recognizing specific signs of a faulty sump pump, you can avoid the risk of potential disaster.

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Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Serviced

  • Sump Pump Runs Continuously – If your pump runs continuously, you may need sump pump repair in New Jersey.  A pump that won’t shut off could be the wrong size for your home, or may be clogged and need serviced.  If your pump runs on, contact Woolley Home Solutions for sump pump repair in New Jersey.
  • Standing Water in Present – A water filled basin or sump pit can point to many problems.  You could have motor problems, should your pump not turn on, or your exit line could be blocked or clogged.  Woolley Home Solutions provides sump pump repair in New Jersey.  We service all areas of Maplewood and surrounding towns.
  • Sump Pump Turns On and Off Frequently – A sump pump that turns on and off several times throughout the day could be indicative of faulty wiring in the motor, a broken fan, a float, or sensor that’s not doing its job, a clog in the line, among other problems. Contact the experts at Woolley Home Solutions for sump pump repair in New Jersey.  We’ll inspect your pump, pit, and lines, and provide you with a complete estimate.  All of our work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

There are obvious signs, such as a pump that doesn’t run, or signs of water damage, and not-so-obvious signs that you need sump pump repair in New Jersey, but unless you check your basement or crawlspace regularly, you may not be aware of any problem.  If you know the signs of a faltering pump, you can perform a routine check of your pump and basin, and avoid the potential for water damage.  A sump pump that’s been around awhile, as in since you moved in, can be outdated.  An outdated sump pump may not be providing you with the best protection against flood and water damage.

Count on Woolley Home Solutions for Sump Pump Repair in New Jersey

For sump pump repair in New Jersey, homeowners have trusted Woolley Home Solutions for more than 95 years. The professional plumbing contractors at Woolley Home Solutions can be counted on to repair your sump pump and restore your peace of mind—fast.  Woolley Home Solutions has been helping homeowners in the Maplewood, NJ area for over 95 years.  With a longstanding reputation for professionalism and customer satisfaction, Woolley Home Solutions is the area leader in heating, cooling, plumbing and all your HVAC installation, maintenance, repair and service needs.

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If your basement, or crawl space is damp, or you notice mildew, or a characteristically moldy odor, you may need sump pump repair.  Don’t wait for a small problem to grow into a huge and costly repair or replacement.  For sump pump repair in New Jersey, contact Woolley Home Solutions today.

Woolley Home Solutions is a sump pump repair company providing service throughout the northern New Jersey area, including (but not limited to):

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  • Plainfield, NJ
  • South Orange, NJ
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