How Much Fuel Do I Have Left?

Curious how much home heating oil you have remaining in your New Jersey property’s storage tank? We can help! Fill out the short form below to help us assess your tank’s capacity and allow you to determine how many gallons of fuel you still have at your home. When you know that number, you’ll be able to determine the delivery size you should order from Woolley Home Solutions to top off your tank, prepare your home for winter, and reduce your risk of damaging condensation inside your storage container. When you’re ready to place an order, log into your Woolley account, and request a delivery. We’ll take care of the rest.


  • Please make the following selections in order to find out how many gallons of oil
    your residential tank has left, to determine a Woolley Fuel appointment.
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  • Roth
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    If you have less than 85 GALLONS in your aboveground tank,
    or less than 175 GALLONS in your underground tank,
    please contact:WOOLLEY FUEL COMPANY at (973) 762-7400