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You have a variety of choices when it comes to picking an oil delivery and HVAC service provider in New Jersey. Choose a company that truly cares about its customers and strives to add more value year after year. Read the reviews below to learn what our customers have to say about their experiences with our team here at Woolley Home Solutions.

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Read Testimonials from Our NJ Customers

“While a number of fleets in New Jersey, including the Department of Transportation, have used biodiesel blends for many years, this pump opening marks the first time biodiesel will be sold directly to consumers in the state. We commend Woolley Home Solutions and Sprague Energy for their leadership in making this retail pump a reality and fully expect it to be well-received by the community.”

Joe Jobe CEO (National Biodiesel Board)

“Hello I felt I just had to write you a note to tell you how wonderful Eric Koeh is! He was here in the morning to our yearly furnace/water heater cleaning. I was equally impressed with Eric’s work last year and had thought of writing you then, but sadly didn’t get to it. Why is he great!? Of course he is professional, on time, and knowledgeable, but most important he is kind and takes the time to explain to me the ‘furnace stuff’ in a way that I don’t feel dumb for asking the question. It is key to have fine people like this represent your company, you should be very proud of Eric and be confident in his ability to provide only the best for your company, thank you!”

Anne P. (Basking Ridge, NJ)

Using Woolley Home Solutions’s biodiesel for our commuter jitneys has enabled us to further leverage our community’s commitment to environmental sustainability. While reducing cars and congestion on our roads, we’re simultaneously reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Douglas Newman (South Orange Village President)

“With Woolley’s service plan, I get an annual checkup of my system to make sure everything is running efficiently. Plus, Woolley is always responsive. There have been a few times when they had to come in the middle of the night. Even when it’s not an emergency, they are always very customer oriented.”

Mark K. (Maplewood, NJ)

“The use of Biodiesel in our jitney buses is a success; Maplewood’s commitment to lowering our carbon footprint makes the use of this type of fuel a natural step in the process.”

Victor DeLuca (Maplewood Mayor)

“I have run everything that Woolley Home Solutions offers from B5 up to B30 with absolutely no problems in my 2006 Jetta TDI. Average fuel mileage is approximately 48 – 50 MPG. The only thing I do using the Soy Bio is keep up with the fuel filter changes and run B5 in the colder winter months. Looking forward to when B100 will be offered. Keep up the excellent service Woolley Home Solutions.”

Frank H. (Vice President,Engineering,Durex, Inc)

“I love Woolley Home Solutions. I love calling about a utility and getting an actual person answering the phone instead of an automated phone menu.”

Lara (Maplewood, NJ)

“The biodiesel is available to anyone with a diesel vehicle. I have used it (when possible) in my VW. It is B5…so 5% of the fuel is bio-derived and the other 95% is petro. Higher ratios of bio to petro can yield better mileage and a cleaner-burning engine…but the B5 is a good start. Thanks to Woolley for giving it a shot.”

Michael (South Orange, NJ)

“I had the unpleasant experience of waking up to no heat this morning but then had a very pleasant experience when your service man Joey G arrived at my home. Joey was knowlegable, helpful, professional, careful and altogether wonderful. He diagnosed the problem by just smelling a burned out relay. Really! What a talent. Like a boiler bloodhound! Please extend my best wishes and thanks to Joey. He should certainly be acknowledged for the outstanding manner in which he represents Wooley Fuel Co. Thanks again!”

Joanne Kaplan (Maplewood, NJ)

“I mentioned to my daughter that I had a few items from Woolley Home Solutions, and wondered if you were still in business. (I live in Springfiled, MO and she lives in Lakeside, Ca. – near San Diego). She promptly went to her computer, did her thing and sent me a lovely article all about your business. I was just delighted to learn that you are still there, still in business. We moved to 185 Burnett Ave., Maplewood, NJ in February 1949. A coal salesman showed up at my front door within two-three days of our move and told us that he had supplied coal to the former owners. We were naive at that time and allowed him to deliver coal. He was NOT a salesman from Woolley. We did not like his service, etc., and decided that we would call Woolley. One of the best decisions we ever made. Always had prompt deliveries, etc. After a few years we decided that shoveling coal into the furnace and carrying ashes out was not for us. So, once again we called Woolley and you converted our furnace to oil, installed a tank in the front yard, and we had automatic heat. And it was automatic. I never had to call to get a delivery of oil. It was service with a smile – always. One of the biggest smiles was from Johnnie who drove the big tanker down Burnett Avenue. He never failed to wave and smile. All the little children were so delighted when he tooted the horn at them. At the beginning of this letter, I mentioned “few items from Woolley”, things that I have kept all these years and brought with me to Mo. Among them are thermometers for fridge/freezer, tea-leaf strainer, egg separator, and a gadget to open stubborn lids from jars. I use these items quite often and they always make me smile. I also have a fridge magnet of the old, very old oil delivery truck. Looks to me like something from around the early thirties.

We moved to Springield, Mo at the end of September 1990. It was a bittersweet move, but it was something we needed to do. My husband, John, was retired and I was close to retiring. Our youngest child, Arthur, had moved out here with his new bride. Of course, we had to come out and visit. Well, we fell in love with the area – not to mention real estate prices. Knew at that moment that this would be our retirement place. Within a month of moving out here (and moving in with the newlyweds), we found our house. Have two acres (the smallest piece of property in this particular area), and moved into a nice ranch-style house. It is a semi-rural area – many fields where hay is the main crop to feed all the cattle that the farmers raise.
On a sad note, my husband passed away in June. He loved living here. I, too, am quiite happy here, but I still miss Maplewood and all the friends that I left behind.

My best wishes to everyone at Woolley Home Solutions. Please know that while there is a sizable distance between us, you will always be a part of my life and memories.”

Elizabeth T.