Reasons Not to Put Off a New A/C Installation in 2023

Have you been thinking about adding a new air conditioning system to your New Jersey home? Whether it’s because your current A/C is aging out or because you’re still lugging window units out of the basement each spring, investing in a new home A/C system is a big choice. Don’t wait until after Memorial Day to make your move. Spring is the best time to get an air conditioning estimate and your installation on the calendar, so you’re all set long before the first heat wave.

Why Experts Recommend Upgrading A/C in the Early Spring

We get it—before it gets warm, it can feel too soon to invest in a new central air or ductless mini-split air conditioning system. But getting ahead is a smart move for several reasons:

Figure out which system is right for your home.

As we said, a new air conditioning system is an investment. You want to ensure you have the right brand and model and that it will check all the boxes for your family’s comfort and budget. First, consider if you want central air conditioning or a ductless mini-split A/C system. Central air conditioning uses existing ductwork to deliver evenly distributed cool air throughout your home. Central A/C is a great choice for homes that already have ductwork in place and a forced-air heating system.

Ductless mini-split air conditioning is an excellent option for homes with or without existing ductwork. Ductless air conditioning uses one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units to provide zoned cooling. You can choose to have A/C in specific rooms or have multiple units to cool the entire house.

Both ductless A/C and central air systems are highly efficient and can help you save significantly on seasonal cooling bills for years to come.

Take your time finding the best HVAC company.

Once you’ve decided on the type of A/C you’re looking for, it’s time to sort out which company you want to work with. Choose a full-service HVAC company with a good reputation in the community for quality service and fair prices. You can reach out to several companies to get a feel for their business. A good air conditioning company will provide an installation estimate and offer guidance for choosing the best brand for your project’s needs. When you’re getting your estimate, ask if the company offers protection plans for air conditioning equipment.

Save extra with seasonal promotions.

The early bird gets the worm! Many companies offer early spring sales on air conditioning systems. Getting a discount on your air conditioning installation is a no-brainer! Plus, if you are getting a tax return this year, that can help cushion your spending even more.

Get the project going when it’s convenient for you.

Last but not least, getting your air conditioning installation started early means more flexible scheduling. Your HVAC provider can get you on the calendar when it’s most convenient for you so that you don’t have to worry about working around your family’s busy summer schedule.

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Choose Woolley Home Solutions for Your New A/C Install

Woolley Home Solutions has 100 years of experience serving the comfort needs of our customers in the Greater Maplewood, NJ area. Our team of highly trained HVAC experts is here to help you select your new air conditioning system, find the best option for your budget, and install your air conditioner before summer really heats up. Contact us today to get a free estimate!