Why A/C Service Plans Just Make Sense

Wondering if a service plan for your air conditioning system is really worth it? You’re not the first! Check out this list of proven benefits of air conditioner service plan coverage. Trust us, you’ll see why other homeowners in New Jersey have signed up to protect their A/C systems with a service plan.

Top Benefits of an A/C Service Plan

  • Free A/C Tune-Up
    A good A/C service plan should include an annual tune-up. Annual maintenance is recommended to ensure that your cooling system is functioning properly. During the air conditioning tune-up, your service technician will inspect and evaluate your entire system. Should any issues arise, they can be identified and fixed proactively, instead of turning into a larger, more expensive problem down the road.
  • Priority Service
    Sure, you’d pay for your annual tune-up anyway. Why not get those benefits plus the added peace of mind of “just-in-case” coverage? Service plan customers receive 24/7 priority service. That means if your A/C breaks down on the hottest weekend of the summer, a service tech will be right there to fix it for you.
  • Parts & Labor Discounts
    Service plans are designed to deliver the best possible value, which is why Woolley includes a parts and labor discount. If you need a repair for your air conditioner, you’ll save big on repair costs if you have a service plan. Plus, the included annual maintenance will help you lower your summer utility bills and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns. That’s serious long-term savings!
  • Greater Safety & Comfort
    During your annual tune-up, your service technician will also perform a safety inspection check. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your A/C system is running as it should and has the ability to keep your family cool through the hottest heat waves of summer.

When you lay it all out, signing up for an air conditioning service plan just makes sense. Call 973-762-7400 to learn how you can sign up or to get more details about the air conditioning service plan from Woolley.