What is AFUE?

If you have been considering replacing your current furnace, or you are thinking about installing a new furnace, you may have been doing some online research.When companies list their furnaces capabilities they can put all kinds of ratings and words in there and many of these words don’t make sense.

You may have noticed the letters AFUE with this furnace information, but what does AFUE actually stand for?

What is AFUE?

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency is a rating that is given to furnaces. This rating measures the conversion of fuel energy into heat and how efficient this conversion is.

When you are looking at the AFUE it will give you a percentage. This percentage is based on the energy in the fuel, whether it be gas or oil, that directly goes towards heating your home.

If you are wondering where the rest of it goes, it usually escapes through the chimney or vents or is redirected to help run the remainder of your heating system.

What You Need to Know About AFUE

The minimum standard set by the department of energy for a furnace’s AFUE rating is 78 percent, the higher the rating the more efficient your furnace will be.

If you are looking to purchase a new furnace, you will want to consider what type of system you are purchasing.

  • Oil Furnaces– If you are looking to purchase an oil furnace you will want to look for a furnace that rates between 80-90 percent. You should find that most oil furnaces are in this range.
  • Gas Furnaces – Most gas furnaces come with an AFUE rating of 89 – 98 percent, making them among the most energy efficient furnaces available on the market.

Which type of furnace you purchase will depend on  a number of factors, including the type of system you already have in place and if you have access to gas hookups at your home.

If you already have an oil furnace, this does not necessarily lock you into purchasing a new oil furnace when it comes time to replace. At Woolley Home Solutions, we offer oil to gas conversions  that can convert your heating source from heating oil to natural gas.

Energy Efficient Furnaces in Maplewood, NJ

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