Oil to Gas Conversion in New Jersey

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As cold weather season approaches in the mid-Atlantic, it’s time to make sure your heating system is in good working order and ready for the onslaught of freezing temperatures. If you’ve been considering an oil to gas conversion for your furnace, now is the best time to act, before the cold weather season hits.

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What is Oil to Gas Conversion?

An oil to gas furnace conversion is simply switching from burning fuel oil for heat to burning natural gas. This can be accomplished in two ways. You can have your existing furnace fitted with a gas conversion burner. The better, more efficient method of converting your heating source from fuel oil to natural gas is to replace the entire furnace with a gas-burning unit. This is especially true if your existing furnace is more than ten years old.

Should You Convert Your Oil Furnace to Natural Gas?

There are many things to consider before converting your oil furnace to a natural gas furnace. Among these considerations are:

  • Fuel Cost. Although natural gas has enjoyed low prices in recent years, converting from oil to natural gas heating is a long term decision, meaning you should look at long-term price projections rather than pricing from just the last few years. Long term, many analysts project that natural gas prices will increase in coming years as demand increases from natural gas power plants, foreign export, and production cuts to balance out the over-supply that has driven down prices in recent years.
  • Conversion Cost. The cost of converting from oil to natural gas can vary greatly depending on the type of furnace you want to install, the removal cost of your oil tank, and lining your chimney, among other factors. Typically it can cost between $6,000 and $13,500 to convert your oil furnace to a natural gas furnace. If you wish to convert to gas to save money, be sure to take into consideration how long you plan to live in your home as well as long-term price projections for both oil and natural gas. Depending on your answers, oil to gas conversion could be a smart financial decision for you, while for others replacing your oil furnace with a newer high-efficient oil furnace system may be better way to go.
  • Environmental Impact. It is important to examine the true environmental impact of both fuels and the systems that burn them. While natural gas bills itself as clean, but upon further investigation this isn’t necessarily true. Natural gas wells must be fracked, which can potentially contaminate groundwater and there is increasing evidence that shows a large amount of methane escaping into the atmosphere from natural gas wells. Heating oil, long noted for being dirty, have actually emerged as a very clean source of heat. In the past 30 years, oil burning furnaces have decreased their carbon footprint by 40%! New technologies have actually brought emission levels down to near-zero, eliminating smells, soot, and residue from your home.
  • Convenience. With natural gas, you don’t have to worry about keeping your heating oil tank filled. Natural gas is available on demand via a pipeline to your house. You’ll always have natural gas available when you need it.

Learn More About Oil to Gas Conversion in New Jersey

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