Is an A/C Service Plan Really Worth It in New Jersey?

Summer may be winding down, but here in the Greater Maplewood, New Jersey area, we’re still enjoying warm temperatures, and ensuring your A/C system is working properly is one of the best ways to keep your home cool and comfortable. That’s why we highly recommend signing up for an A/C service plan! It’s an easy way to help protect your air conditioning system and wallet through the warmest days of the year. Keep reading to learn about all the benefits a Woolley Home Solutions A/C Service Plan can offer you and your family, including access to the best A/C techs in the area!

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Top 4 Reasons an A/C Service Plan Is Worth It for New Jersey Homeowners

Still skeptical? You’re not the first! Luckily, we’re here to break down the top 4 reasons an A/C service plan from your favorite local full-service provider in New Jersey is worth it:

Significant Savings

Service plans are designed to deliver the best possible value. Included annual maintenance will help you lower your summer utility bills and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns. That’s serious, long-term savings! Plus, service plan customers get a significant discount on parts and labor if a repair is required.

Preventative Care

Central air and ductless mini-split A/C service always include your annual tune-up. Annual maintenance is recommended to ensure your cooling system is functioning properly. During the 16-point efficiency tune-up, your service technician will inspect and evaluate your entire system. Should any issues arise, they can be identified and fixed proactively instead of turning into larger or more expensive problems down the road.

Better Comfort

Summer in New Jersey can really bring the heat. Signing up for a service plan helps you ensure your family has a cool place to relax. Not to mention, the services included also help improve your indoor air quality. With an A/C service plan, you’ll get the best of both worlds: more efficient and comfortable home air conditioning.

Priority Emergency Service

Your air conditioning service plan will bundle all your necessary services and give you the added peace of mind of “just in case” coverage. Service plan customers receive priority emergency service from Woolley! That means if your A/C breaks down on the hottest summer weekend, a service tech will be right there to fix it for you.

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Enroll in an A/C Service Plan Today with Woolley Home Solutions

During the hottest days of summer in New Jersey, Woolley Home Solutions is here to help you keep your home cool with our inclusive A/C service plan. We aim to help protect your home HVAC equipment by offering our customers an unbeatable plan that includes your annual tune-up, preventative maintenance services, and premium coverage. Sometimes breakdowns just happen, but they don’t have to break the bank because our service plans also help protect your wallet! Sign up for Woolley’s comprehensive A/C service plan before the summer ends. Click here to enroll now, or give us a call at (973) 762-7400 to learn more!