What to Do if Your Heating System Breaks Down

The new year month can often coincide with some of the coldest stretches of the year here in the Greater Maplewood, NJ area. With the freezing weather in full swing, losing heat can spell disaster for homeowners in New England. Along with the discomfort and stress that a no-heat emergency can cause, you also risk frozen plumbing and the permanent (and costly) damage that could follow. If your furnace or boiler heating system stops working, you can always call the HVAC experts at Woolley Home Solutions in New Jersey. But first, try out the tips below to save yourself an HVAC service visit. Keep reading to learn what to do if you suddenly experience a heating system failure in New Jersey.

What to Do If Your Home Loses Heat in New Jersey

If you do experience heat loss this winter, don’t panic: see if you can correct the issue quickly and safely with this checklist:

No-Heat Checklist for South Shore Homeowners in the Greater Maplewood Area

  • Fuel Tank: Check the gauge to see if you need a heating oil refill, and if you do, give us a call.
  • Thermostat: Make sure your setting is on HEAT, and the cooling function is not on instead.
  • Switches: Check that all furnace and emergency switches are on.
  • Reset Button: Press the RESET button on your furnace—ONCE ONLY.

If you’ve performed all of the above steps and still don’t have heat, call your local energy experts at Woolley Home Solutions right away for assistance.

Tips to Prevent Heat-Loss, Fuel Run-Outs, and Heating Equipment Breakdowns

Switch to Automatic Delivery

If you’re used to calling in and placing an order each time you need an oil or delivery, consider switching to automatic fuel delivery. With this service, our advanced system keeps track of your oil usage for you, delivering fuel to your home automatically when you need it.

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Don’t Skip Your Annual Heating System Tune-Up Service

The best time of year to have this maintenance performed is each fall—right before your equipment will be working its hardest, but scheduling your tune-up at any time during the year is always a great safety precaution. If there are any issues with your heating system at the time of your maintenance visit, you’ll have time to correct them before winter sets in. Haven’t had a tune-up for this heating season? There’s plenty of cold weather ahead of us. Schedule this service today by clicking here.

Consider an Upgrade

If your heating equipment has seen better days, upgrade the components of your heating system, or install a brand-new one. Whether you choose to replace your complete system with a newer, high-efficiency model or to correct parts-related issues found at the time of your tune-up, don’t risk operating old, inefficient, and potentially unsafe equipment for another winter. To learn more about Woolley Home Solution’s professional heating installations, click here.

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Choose a Full-Service Energy Provider

Take preventative measures that can save you a fortune but won’t cost you one, like trusting a full-service energy provider with your total home comfort. Unlike discount heating oil providers, Woolley has the expertise needed to care for your heating system and ensure it is operating efficiently year after year. There’s no need to settle for the bare minimum when you can get more value for your money by selecting Woolley Home Solutions as your full-service fuel and HVAC service provider.

Enroll in a Service Plan for Greater Protection & Access to Emergency Service

While the act of enrolling in a service plan alone won’t help you prevent a heat-out emergency, the services included—like your annual tune-up and discounts on system repairs—will. The better you take care of your heating equipment, the better it will be at keeping your home warm safely and without interruption.

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Reduce Your Risk of a Heat-Out Emergency in NJ

Woolley Home Solutions offers annual furnace and boiler efficiency tune-ups, safety checks, and heating service plans. Our highly trained and qualified HVAC technicians will be more than happy to help your furnace or boiler run smoothly all winter long. Contact us to book service today!