Fuel Oil vs. Heating Oil: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Woolley Home Solutions began over 95 years ago as a fuel delivery service, delivering coal, ice, and wood throughout the town of Maplewood. These days, our team continues to deliver fuel throughout the Northern New Jersey area. Not only do we deliver heating oil to both residences and businesses, but we also deliver fuel oil. Our teams take every step that they can to ensure that all of our customers have fuel delivered to them in a timely fashion so that they never run out—which means that we also provide financing options so that our fuel will always be affordable.

For customers wondering whether to purchase fuel oil or heating oil, it’s important to understand what exactly each is in order to determine which best suits their needs. If you need help determining which option is right for you, call Woolley Home Solutions at (973) 762-7400.

How to Choose Between Fuel Oil & Heating Oil

The following are some key differences between fuel oil and heating oil:

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is most similar to another common fuel—kerosene. It contains 135,000 BTUs, which is a lower energy density than that of heating oil. However, fuel oil is not as stable as heating oil, which means that homeowners or business owners that have fuel tanks located inside may not want to use fuel oil. Although less stable, fuel oil does burn cleaner, which means that fuel tanks using fuel oil won’t require as much maintenance as heating oil. This is especially true for exterior tanks since fuel oil won’t start to gel as temperatures begin dropping.

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Heating Oil

Heating oil is heavier than fuel oil and is most similar to diesel fuel. It contains 139,000 BTUs, which means that it produces a little bit more heat than fuel oil does. Heating oil tends to be a better option for homeowners and business owners that have their fuel tanks located inside of their properties. This is because heating oil is, in general, more stable than fuel oil. Not only is heating oil more refined, but it has a higher burning temperature. It’s also difficult for heating oil to catch fire and the vapor levels it produces while burning are minimal. Taking this into account, the use of heating oil indoors is overall safer than the use of fuel oil indoors. However, heating oil does tend to gel during colder temperatures if stored outside, which means that it’s not the best option for exterior tanks. Because heating oil might gel if stored outside, it typically results in the need for more maintenance on exterior tank systems.

As far as performance goes, heating oil produces slightly more heat than fuel oil—but the difference is minimal. The main difference between fuel oil and heating oil is that fuel oil is better suited for outdoor tanks, while heating oil is better suited for indoor tanks.

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