How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

Do you still depend on old, clunky window A/C units to stay cool during the summer? Say goodbye for good and upgrade to a ductless mini-split air conditioning system. In this blog post, we’ll explain how ductless air conditioners work, which circumstances they work best for, and why so many New Jersey homeowners have added ductless A/C to their homes.

Ductless Air Conditioning 101

Q: What is a ductless mini-split air conditioning system?

A: A mini-split air conditioner is made up of one outdoor unit and one sleek, unobtrusive indoor unit that can be affixed to any interior wall. Depending on your preferences and the size of the building, you can have multiple indoor units installed. Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are an excellent option for whole-home or zoned air conditioning.

Q: How does ductless mini-split air conditioning work?

A: The outdoor unit and indoor unit(s) work together to provide efficient and even cooling. The main feature of ductless mini-splits is that they don’t require any central ductwork to distribute the cool air. Instead of blowing cool air through duct vents, like central A/C, the cool air is blown from the interior unit(s) in your home.

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Q: Can a ductless mini-split keep my entire house cool?

A: Yes! Ductless mini-splits are a great solution for whole-home air conditioning for homes with or without duct systems. You just need the right number of indoor units, depending on the size and layout of your space. On the other side of the coin, ductless mini-splits are also great for cooling single rooms or parts of the house that are beyond your ductwork, like additions or attics.

Q: What are the benefits of having a ductless mini-split A/C system?

A: Here are some of the main perks that our customers love:

  • Zoned cooling saves you energy and money
  • Since no ductwork is required, installation is quick and easy
  • Benefit from improved indoor air quality with newer equipment
  • Some systems can double as a supplemental heating source in winter to help offset fuel bills!

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