Celebrating 100 Years in Business

We don’t know about you, but in our family, birthdays are a big deal. Going all-out with cake, presents, and a party is tradition. That’s why we’re so excited to be marking our 100th year in business—because we get to celebrate this huge milestone with you, our loyal New Jersey customers! Four generations of Woolley family members have served just as many generations of customers in our Greater Maplewood community, and that’s entirely because of your continued patronage and trust. To learn more about the history behind our centennial, keep reading!

From Small Beginnings to Big Expansions

Herbert and Norman W. Woolley Sr. started the Woolley Coal Company in 1924 after immigrating from New York to the small town of Maplewood, New Jersey. Their goal was to start a coal company, much like their father’s. They found a spot on Burnett Avenue and provided coal, ice, and wood to local homeowners. Their father, Nephi Woolley, came out to help his sons with their endeavor, even though he was busy with his own business. Soon, however, he wouldn’t need to—in their first year, the “fleet” of delivery wagons at the Woolley Coal Company grew to seven. Throughout the Great Depression and World War II, the company continued to grow, spurred on by a love of community and dedication to customer service. Norm’s son, Norman W. Woolley Jr., joined his dad and uncle in 1954, and in the 1990s, Norman E. Woolley, the fourth generation, entered the family business. A lot has changed since then, but our commitment to superior customer service and affordable pricing has never wavered.

Prioritizing Sustainability & the Environment

Woolley Home Solutions has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to going green. Our biodiesel station was the first public retail biodiesel pump in the state of New Jersey when it opened in 2008, and we’re proud that our innovation has stood the test of time. It’s accessible to any type of vehicle, including tractor-trailers. Biodiesel is the renewable component of Bioheat® fuel, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating fuel. We invite you to explore our website to find out more about how we care for the environment.

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Service that Can’t Be Beat at a Price You Can Afford

When you choose Woolley, you choose a full-service fuel and HVAC provider that truly cares for its customers. Our century of experience makes us your local heating and cooling experts. You can reach out to our friendly, professional team any time for all your home comfort needs. From expert heating and cooling services to reliable fuel delivery and more, you can count on us to be there for you when you need us. Cheers to 100 years of Woolley Home Solutions, and here’s to many more!