What to Do Before Turning on Your AC for Spring

Winter’s long gone, which means that the temperatures are beginning to steadily rise. Pretty soon, spring will give way to summer, and you’ll be turning to your air conditioner for comfort. But before you turn your home’s air conditioning system on for the first time in months, there are a number of things that you’ll want to do in order to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently. The following are five important tips on what to do before turning your air conditioning on:

  1. Change your air filters – Depending on the type of air filter you use, you’ll need to replace it once every 30 to 90 days. If you begin running your air conditioner without replacing a dirty air filter, it will work less efficiently and could even diminish the quality of air in your home. Clean filters help trap dust, making your home healthier and more comfortable. Not to mention that there will be less strain on your air conditioner, thereby reducing energy costs as well.
  2. Check your outdoor unit – Make sure that there’s nothing obstructing your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit before turning it on. Overgrown bushes can obstruct the air flow. Also make sure to hose down your condenser in order to remove any debris, such as leaves or grass, that could be blocking the airflow.
  3. Check your condensate drain – The condensate drain removes excess liquid that is gathered as your air conditioner dehumidifies your home. If the condensate drain is clogged with algae or fungus, then it will prevent proper drainage. This can result in water damage occurring to your home, so be sure to inspect the condensate drain for any clogs. If it is clogged, schedule an appointment for a professional to come remove the clog.
  4. Schedule maintenance – You should schedule a professional inspection of your air conditioning system every year. There’s no better time to have your air conditioner inspected than right before summer, when you’ll be using it the most. A professional technician will do a thorough inspection of your air conditioner unit to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently, thereby preventing your cooling costs from being abnormally high during the summer. By getting your air conditioner inspected, you’ll also help prevent any small issues from growing into larger, more costly problems down the road.
  5. Consider replacing your air conditioner – An inspection could reveal that your air conditioner is having issues or that it is nearing the end of its life cycle. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to replace it now. Not only will a new air conditioner work more efficiently, keeping your home cooler and your energy costs down, but it will also prevent your air conditioner from breaking down in the middle of the summer when you depend on it the most.

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These are five things that you should do before turning on your air conditioner. To schedule a professional HVAC check up, be sure to contact us at Woolley Home Solutions.