Spring AC Maintenance for Northern New Jersey Homes

Odds are you haven’t gotten a lot of use out of your air conditioning system over the winter season – not here in Northern New Jersey, anyway. However, that’s about to change as temperatures begin warming up. Because you’re going to turn your air conditioner for comfort as summer grows closer, you’ll want to inspect and test your air conditioner to ensure that it will work effectively and efficiently.

Spring A/C Maintenance Tasks

The following are a few of the tasks that you’ll want to do in order to prepare your air conditioner for use:

  • Condenser covers, coil blankets and lids should be removed – You’ll want to remove all covers once you begin using your air conditioner. If you forget to do so, it could result in serious damage that may require costly repairs or even replacement.
  • Clean the outdoor coil – Check your outdoor unit’s coil for any dirt, vegetation or debris that has collected. This should be removed to ensure that your system can operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Change your air filters – Either clean or replace your old air filters to ensure unobstructed air flow. This will, in turn, help keep your indoor air quality high as well as make sure that cool air is efficiently distributed throughout your home.
  • Turn your air conditioner on – Once you’ve done the previous few steps, turn your air conditioner on to see if it’s running. If it won’t run, or if it’s not cooling your home properly, then there’s an issue that needs to be looked at.

Schedule a Professional A/C Inspection

Although you can do all of the previous steps on your own, you should still have a professional come take a look at your A/C unit this spring. Even if you think your air conditioner is working normally, there may be issues that could grow into bigger problems if they’re not taken care of. Our HVAC professionals will perform a thorough inspection. During this inspection, they will test all of the unit’s components as well as clean and lube any components that require it. Our technicians will also recommend repairs or replacement if they are needed.

Now that winter is almost over, temperatures are going to begin going up. Get your air conditioner ready for use with these basic maintenance tips and be sure to schedule a professional spring A/C inspection by contacting us at Woolley Fuel today.