Propane Safety Tips

There are a lot of benefits to using propane over other fuels, such as gas. For example, a propane tank is more puncture resistant than tanks filled with gasoline, ethanol or methanol. Propane also has the lowest flammability ranting of all alternative fuels and will not ignite until the air reaches a minimum of 940 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are still a number of safety tips that you should follow.

Propane Safety Tips

The following are a few tips to follow to ensure that you are using your propane in a safe manner:

  • Never tamper with your propane tank. All modifications should be made by a trained professional.
  • If you smell the scent of propane (a scent that is easily recognizable), then extinguish all open flames and leave the area. Contact your propane supplier to report the leak. If you cannot reach them, contact emergency services.
  • Consider installing an electronic propane leak detector. This will ensure that you identify a propane leak as soon as it occurs.
  • Make sure that you have working carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home. Test them at least once a year and be sure to replace the batteries on a yearly basis as well.
  • Never mess around with the supply lines, safety devices, storage tank fittings or regulators on your own.
  • Do not test for propane leaks using an open flame.
  • Never bring your propane tank inside. Propane tanks should be stored outside.
  • Make sure that your propane tank is located away from direct sunlight and from any other source of heat.
  • Have your propane tank inspected annually to ensure that there are no leaks and that it is functioning properly. A professional will check for wear and tear.

Refilling Your Propane Tank

Keeping your propane tank filled is very important. Whether you need to refill the propane tank of your outdoor grill, your patio heater or your fireplace, you can turn to us.

All of our technicians are carefully trained to properly and safely refill propane tanks. They are all up to date on all related codes and safety issues. Keep in mind that propane tanks can only be used for 12 years before they need to be recertified or replaced. Be sure to contact us at Woolley Home Solutions today if you need your propane tank refilled or replaced.