Say Goodbye To Stained Glass Creation, And Hello To Preservation

If you have ever been to the Woolley Home Solutions office, or even driven by it, you may have noticed a colorful stained glass piece depicting an old Woolley Fuel fuel truck. It sits in the corner or the office, surrounded by multiple historic stoves. Unfortunately, it is being taken down, but only so that its beauty can be preserved for all of time. So, in commemoration of this we would like to share a very interesting story about the origin of this art! 

It was the 60s, and Gordon Henderson, a renowned craftsman who worked on the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral was doing a project in Maplewood. While doing this, he noticed a 1924 Autocar Truck from the Woolley Company sitting in the parking lot, that we actually still have to this day! Drawing inspiration from this, he made the beautiful piece we have all grown to admire. One of the most astounding elements of this artwork is the tiny details and beautiful colors. While the truck keeps true to its original hues, the background is full of green, blue, yellow, purple, and red tones, each projecting across the office when it hits light. As far as details, tiny little words and information were gently inscribed adding a tremendous display of skill and depth to this stained glass wonder.

It was removed by Gordon’s apprentice, Steve Racine earlier last week and will be framed and straightened to be hung up in our lobby. And while we are all sad to see it go, this truly is the best possible thing for it as now it can be on display for generations to come! 



Sutton Woolley