Can I Convert My Oil Furnace to Natural Gas?

Many homes in our area still heat their home using oil furnaces, however many of these homeowners are wondering if a different source of heating would be more efficient. The hesitation can be having to completely take one system out and put in a new system and how costly that can be.

This leads many people to ask the question, can they convert their oil furnace to a gas furnace?

The answer to this question is not always straight forward. While some oil furnaces can be converted over to gas, others cannot and removal and installation of a whole new system is necessary. Inspections will also need to take place to ensure that everything that is involved in heating your home is structurally sound and will remain that way.

If your system can be converted it will take a team of experts to take on this job. You will need to hire a team that has undertaken these conversions. You will also need to check with the gas provider in your area that gas can be fed into your home.

The Cost of Oil to Gas Conversion

The upfront cost of converting an oil furnace to a gas furnace can be high and is a significant investment. The thing to consider is that these costs are upfront but may be gained back throughout the life of the new gas furnace as it will be more efficient to run. You may also be able to look into tax breaks or incentives offered in your state and area.

Oil To Gas Conversion in New Jersey

If you are considering having your oil furnace converted to a gas furnace, contact the team at Woolley Home Solutions. We can come to your home and give you an honest assessment on whether your oil furnace can be converted or if you would have to remove the old system, installing a new one. We are experienced in the both oil and gas furnaces and can help you transition to a cleaner more affordable source of heat.