Fuel Payment Plan FAQs

As the summer months begin here in New Jersey, purchasing home heating fuel may not be top of mind. But we’re here to explain exactly why it should be. If you primarily use oil for home heating, buying fuel as needed throughout the winter months can make for unpredictable budgeting, unnecessary hassle, and overpayment resulting from peak-season cold-weather rates. However, with a heating oil Smart Pay Plan through Woolley Home Solutions, you can experience the cost-saving, easy-to-budget benefits of a capped payment plan. Our plans help alleviate your high winter heating bills, decreasing stress and allowing you to enjoy each season even more. Keep reading to learn how our fuel pricing plans work and how you can enroll today!

What Is a Fuel Budget Plan?

Choosing price protection for your annual supply of heating oil adds predictability to your fuel costs and often saves you money while adding convenience. Plus, these plans will help our customers protect their wallets from unexpected changes in fuel prices by capping your maximum heating oil price at today’s market price. Woolley Home Solutions loves keeping your New Jersey home a safe and comfortable place for your family. Our customer base has a wide range of preferences when it comes to their home heating budgets, which is why we’ve developed the Smart Pay Plan to give options.

Get Better Fuel Pricing All Year Long with A Smart Pay Plan in NJ

Question: How Does a Price Cap Work?

Answer: A cap price sets a ceiling, or cap, on how high your price can go. It also protects you if prices go down; anytime our daily cash price is below the ceiling, you pay the lower price.

Question: Why Does Woolley Charge a Fee for a Price Cap?

Answer: We can’t cover this cost on our own. Our suppliers charge us a fee, and we pass this fee on to our customers. We make no profit on the fee. The amount we charge you is our cost.

Question: How and When is My Fee Paid?

Answer: While you incur your cap fee immediately, we allow you to spread the cost out over 12 months when you’re on our Smart Pay Plan. You pay $29 per month beginning in July and ending in June.

Question: How Long Does My Price Cap Protection Last?

Answer: Your price cap will remain in effect from July through June. Because we make a commitment to our fuel suppliers for this protection, you must sign a contract when you choose a price cap. Please contact us to sign up or if you have any questions.

Question: Does Woolley Charge Early Termination Fees for Contract Cancellation?

Answer: We understand that sometimes things change, so we do not charge early termination fees for heating oil contract cancellation.

Sign Up with Ease & Enjoy Your Season with Price Protection

After calculating your anticipated monthly payment, signing up for your Smart Pay Plan is quick and easy. Simply contact the experts for assistance. Taking just a few moments to plan and protect your fuel price can save you time, money, and stress for the entire year. Once you’re signed up, sit back, relax, and enjoy your season.

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Ready to Enroll in a Smart Pay Plan? Contact Woolley Home Solutions Today

Simply contact us online by clicking here, or give us a call at (973) 762-7400 to let us know you’re interested in a heating oil payment plan! Our highly trained customer service representatives will happily walk you through the process and answer any questions. Not yet a Woolley customer? Click here to become a customer today.