What is Bio-Diesel?

Bio-diesel is becoming an increasingly common form of fuel in our society today, yet many people don’t really understand what bio-diesel is and how it helps both our country and our environment. This post will explain a little about bio-diesel and how it is different to other types of fuel.

So What is Bio-Diesel and Why is it a Better Choice?

Bio-diesel is a renewable clean-burning fuel replacement. It is made from oils and fats including recycled soybean oil, cooking oil and animal fats. The list of products used to make bio-diesel is growing as researchers constantly trial new renewable feedstocks to produce the product.

This type of fuel can be used in existing diesel engines without the owner having to modify their original system. Bio-diesel can also be used as a heating oil and can be used alone or as a blend with petrodiesel’s.

The EPA has designated bio-diesel as a bio-fuel, this is thanks to its environmental benefits. The environmental benefits include the reduction of greenhouse gases in comparison to petroleum diesel. In fact, the EPA says that bio-fuel can reduce greenhouse gases somewhere between 56 to 86 percent in comparison to petroleum diesel.

Bio-diesel doesn’t just help the environment, it also helps our country’s dependence on foreign petroleum products. It creates new jobs within the U.S and has seen significant growth since the early 2000’s.

Where Can I find Bio-Diesel?

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