Why Does My AC Keep Shutting Off?

Once the heat and humidity settle in for the summer, it is important that the air conditioner in your New Jersey home is able to do its job effectively. If your system is turning on and off frequently without reaching the desired temperature, there may be a problem with your air conditioner. Called short-cycling, this condition not only affects your comfort, but it can also increase your energy costs and shorten the life of your system.

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What Causes Short-Cycling in Air Conditioners?

While it is normal for an air conditioner to cycle on and off as the conditions in your home change, if it does it every few minutes without adequately cooling your home, there is definitely a problem. The most common causes of short-cycling include:

  • Poor thermostat location – If your thermostat is in a sunny location, a drafty location, or too close to an HVAC vent, it may not detect the temperature accurately, causing the system to turn on or shut off sporadically.
  • Clogged air filter – A dirty or clogged air filter can reduce the airflow over the evaporator, which will impede the cooling process and allow the system to overheat. Safety switches will then shut the system down to avoid damage.
  • Frozen evaporator – Often caused by a dirty evaporator coil or airflow restrictions, a frozen coil can cause the system to cycle on and off or shut down completely.
  • Low refrigerant – A refrigerant leak or insufficient charge can affect the pressures inside the system and cause erratic behavior, including frequent cycling, frozen coils, poor cooling performance, and more.
  • Control failures – Problems with the control board, relays, or contactors can cause malfunctions with your air conditioner, shutting it down prematurely or causing it to cycle on and off too often.
  • Oversized system – A system that is too large for your home will cycle on and off frequently, as it can provide a large supply of cool air in a short time. Unfortunately, this can cause other problems, such as reduced humidity control, higher energy costs, and increased wear on critical components.

Except for replacing a dirty air filter, most short-cycling problems should be addressed by a professional HVAC contractor. They have the skills and equipment to diagnose the problem accurately and provide the most reliable, cost-effective repair options.

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