Why Is My AC Leaking?

When the temperature spikes outside, and your AC has to work extra hard to keep your New Jersey home cool, it’s normal to notice some condensation on your outdoor unit. However, if your system has a pool of water underneath it, or you can visibly see water dripping or leaking out of your AC, you have a problem.

So, how do you know you when to call an expert in for repairs? Usually the answer is “right away,” but that also depends on why your air conditioner is leaking.

6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Leaks Water

1. It’s a bit too cool outside – If the outside temperature drops, but the AC is still working hard on the heat trapped inside your home, you might find a puddle of water under the outdoor unit. Before calling, see if the puddle remains after it warms back up.

2. The unit was installed improperly – Does your unit look unlevel? An incorrect installation is sure to create other issues.

3. You have a clogged drain line – A variety of debris can block your condensate drain. However, as special tools are needed to remove the clog without causing damage to your unit, this is best left to a professional.

4. The AC’s pump is broken – If your condenser pump is broken, it won’t remove excess moisture from your system. As the water builds up, it will begin to leak.

5. You closed too many vents inside – Only 20 percent of your vents should ever be closed at a time. Closing more can cause pressure to build up inside the air conditioner, eventually leading to leaky values and a leaky unit.

6. The internal seals have leaks – Warm air will find its way in through a broken seal, leading to an excess build up of water vapor. Eventually, enough build up will cause the air conditioner to leak.

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