Why is My AC System Making That Noise?

Your home’s AC unit is one of those appliances that is easy to overlook, even forget about, as long as it’s working properly. But when your air conditioner starts acting up, it can become an immediate source of concern—after all, your AC unit provides an absolutely crucial service to your home, circulating air and keeping the temperature exactly where you want it.

That’s why when you start hearing sounds from your air conditioner, it may be alarming. If you understand the cause behind the noise, it’s much easier to know what action to take. Here’s our list of some noises you may hear from your AC system and what they’re trying to tell you.

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AC Noises & What They Mean

Some of the concerning sounds you may hear when your AC system needs repair or maintenance are:

Repetitive squeaking. A damaged or worn-out blower motor belt can cause your AC to start squeaking while it runs. In this case, the fan belt will need to be replaced. Squeaking can also indicate that your indoor or outdoor fan motor doesn’t have enough lubrication, or that the unit’s fan blades have accumulated too much dust. Regardless of the cause, the repair should be fast and inexpensive.

Metal-on-metal grinding. As with most appliances, you never want to hear metal-on-metal noises, and this can indicate inadequate lubrication or damaged or worn-out components. If your AC unit is grinding, don’t dismiss or ignore it—this is a problem that won’t get better on its own, and it may lead to long-term damage and extremely costly repairs if ignored.

Buzzing or humming. Buzzing or loud humming from your unit is usually indicative of an electrical issue. A problem in your AC unit that is causing buzzing may represent a serious electrical or fire hazard. In the event of potential electrical troubles, we recommend that you absolutely do not try to resolve the issue yourself. Contact a professional who has the experience and proper equipment to check the air conditioner’s electrical components, locate the source of the issue, and get it taken care of.

Bubbling and hissing. Typically, bubbling or hissing sounds originate from your unit’s evaporator coil, compressor unit, or refrigerant lines. These sounds are signs of a refrigerant leak or pressure issue, which can lead to a loss of cooling capabilities and cause serious damage to the unit’s internal components. To prevent this, your HVAC technician will locate the source of the leak or pressure buildup, fix it, and refill the unit’s refrigerant if needed.

Rattling. Rattling noises from your indoor or outdoor unit usually means a misaligned or loose component in the unit. Fan blades, motor mounts, blower assemblies, and other parts can work themselves loose or slip out of alignment over time, and the loose part will often start rattling. You’ll want to have your technician locate the rattling offender and make sure it is properly reattached, or else it may harm other components, potentially leading to an early AC replacement.

Loud screeching. If your outdoor unit begins to screech or scream, cut off power to it in your home’s main electrical panel as soon as possible and call for professional assistance. A loud screeching sound points to dangerously high levels of internal pressure in your AC unit’s compressor and will require immediate attention.

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