3 Spring Safety Must Do’s

A little home maintenance in the spring can go a long way to keeping your home safe and secure throughout the rest of the year. Cleaning and maintenance of your home should be done inside and out.

1. Check all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for low batteries
Daylight Savings Time is a great semi-annual reminder to check your smoke and CO alarms. Replace the batteries, clean the covers and test each detector’s operation. Ideally, there should be at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home, including the hallway or area outside of each set of bedrooms, and one within each bedroom itself, and a CO detector on each level of your home. They are no good if they can’t go off, so make sure everything is in good working order to keep you family and home safe!

2. Trim trees and bushes around your property
Visually inspect trees for damage or rot, and remove (either yourself or through a contractor) any dead trees that might blow over in heavy winds or during a storm. Keep healthy trees and bushes trimmed and away from utility wires. Trim your shrubs around the home where burglars can hide when breaking into your home.

3. Clean out dryer vent pipe
Dryer lint can build up inside the vent pipe and collect around the duct. Clean both the clothes dryer exhaust duct and the space under the dryer. Use a specialized brush to clean out the vent pipe. Lint can also build up inside the dryer enclosure and should be cleaned and serviced by a professional. Cleaning out the vent ensures they are not safety concerns related to fires.