Faucet Installation in Maplewood, NJ

Adding a new faucet to your kitchen or bathroom can breathe new life into your rooms. Just this one, relatively inexpensive change can make your sink area sparkle. However, for that quality look and to make sure that you fixture doesn’t leak, it’s best to have your faucet professionally installed.

Woolley Home Solutions offers affordable and reliable faucet installation services from plumbers with years of experience serving northern New Jersey area customers. Whether you are looking for both product and installation or you already have a faucet that you simply need installed, our licensed plumbers can get it installed for you right the first time—without leaks, without drips, and without low water pressure.

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Types of Faucets

If you’re in the market for a new faucet, you’re likely overwhelmed by the number of choices, finishes and styles. Below are just a few of the more common faucets on the market:

  • Ball faucet – Ball faucets are commonly found in American kitchens. This washer-less faucet has one central handle with a ball cap that fits over the base of the handle. When the handle is turned to the left, the hot water is activated; when it’s turned to the right, you get cold water. Ball faucets tend to leak at the base of the handle if not properly installed.
  • Disc faucet – Disc faucets are a relatively new addition to kitchen plumbing. These faucets are identifiable by their single handle positioned over a cylindrical faucet. Unlike ball faucet, disc faucets pivot back and forth, from hot to cold water, rather than roll on a ball mechanism.
  • Compression faucet – Compression faucets are the oldest type of plumbing fixture there is. These are the standard faucets with a center water supply and separate hot and cold knobs. When the knobs are turned, they open the valve for the appropriate hot or cold water supply. It’s a crude, but effective mechanical system.

Faucet Finishes

The most common finishes for kitchen and bathroom faucets are stainless steel, brass, nickel and burnished copper.  We offer a wide selection of faucets in an extensive number of finishes, so rest assured that we have a faucet that fits both your budget and your kitchen or bathroom’s décor.

Schedule Faucet Installation in New Jersey

While replacing a faucet seems like a simply DIY task, there are a number of problems that can occur if not properly installed. A proper installation needs to make sure that the faucet is hooked up properly to the hot and cold water supply, that the faucet is sealed properly both at the base of the unit and at the hot and cold knobs, and that the water is kept away from an electrical outlets located near the sink.

If you’re considering installing a new faucet or replacing the existing faucet in your New Jersey home, call Woolley Home Solutions Woolley Home Solutions, a family-owned and managed company in business since 1924, is not just northern New Jersey’s oldest heating fuel delivery company, but also a full-service HVAC and plumbing company offering affordable and reliable services to homeowners through the northern New Jersey area. To learn how Woolley Home Solutions can help you make your kitchen or bathroom look new and vibrant again, call us (973) 762-7400 to schedule an appointment.

Woolley Home Solutions provides drain faucet installation throughout the Newark, NJ area, including (but not limited to):

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