Heating Oil vs. Bioheat Fuel: Which is Right for Your NJ Home?

Woolley Home Solutions began 100 years ago as a fuel delivery service, delivering coal, ice, and wood throughout the town of Maplewood, New Jersey. These days, our team continues to deliver fuel throughout the Northern New Jersey area. Not only do we deliver heating oil to both residences and businesses, but we also deliver Bioheat® fuel. Our teams take every step that they can to ensure that all of our customers have fuel delivered to them in a timely fashion so that they never run out—which means that we also provide financing options so that our fuel will always be affordable.

How to Choose Between Heating Oil & Bioheat® Fuel

Heating oil and Bioheat® fuel are both safe and reliable fuel options for heating your home or business. However, the main difference between heating oil and Bioheat® fuel is that Bioheat® fuel is specifically blended to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Keep reading about both products to decide which one is right for you!

Heating Oil

Woolley Home Solutions has been delivering heating oil for over nine decades, and we take pride in providing northeastern New Jersey residents with competitive heating oil pricing, incredible customer service, and a quality product. We have an extensive fuel storage network that protects you from interruptions during weather emergencies, and we’ve invested in becoming a company of the future so we can continue to serve you for years to come. In that spirit, we offer an automatic heating oil delivery system that will determine your heating oil needs based on weather, your rate of consumption, and tank size.

Bioheat® Fuel

If you heat your home with heating oil and are interested in shrinking your carbon footprint, we have great news: you can make the switch to Bioheat® fuel and still receive all the benefits of our heating oil delivery! Bioheat® fuel is a low-carbon blend of renewable resources and ultra-low sulfur home heating oil. The blend can be used in existing heating oil equipment with no expensive conversions. But what are some benefits of using Bioheat® fuel? Well, Bioheat® fuel is a domestic product that’s produced, transported, sold, and serviced by local people from your community. You can feel good about your purchase when you consider that Bioheat® fuel is the best carbon-reduction tool of any liquid fuel in the country.

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Woolley Home Solutions has developed a stellar reputation throughout the northern New Jersey area for its HVAC repair and fuel delivery services, which include heating oil and Bioheat® fuel. Located in Essex County, Somerset County, or Union County and need heating oil? Contact Woolley Home Solutions for heating oil or Bioheat® fuel delivery services. Click here to learn more about our pricing and payment plans.