When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Whether you love the long days of summer or you prefer snuggling up in winter, this time of transition can be a little tough on everyone. Things start to get busy this time of year and remembering to get everything done can be hard.

One thing that you should add to your list this time of year is furnace maintenance. There is nothing worse than going to turn your furnace on for the first cold day of the year, only to realize it is not working properly. Even if your furnace does seem to be working well, regularly scheduled maintenance can offer many benefits.

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

There are many reasons to make sure both your heating and cooling systems are well maintained, the benefits of maintenance include;

  • Reducing your energy costs.
  • Increasing the lifespan of your furnace.
  • Effective heating throughout your whole home.
  • Catching small issues before they turn into expensive problems.
  • A safe heating system.
  • Less expensive repair costs.

When your heating system is well maintained, it doesn’t have to work as hard to run effectively. This helps keep your energy costs in check and makes sure that your system is not incurring damage from working too hard.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

When you have regular maintenance on your furnace, there are many parts of the system that are checked and cleaned.

  • Your filters are cleaned or replaced.
  • All parts within the furnace are well lubricated.
  • Your furnaces blower will be cleaned.
  • The thermostat is checked and tested.
  • Important safety features are checked and secured.
  • Electrical connections are checked and tightened.
  • Any clogs in the condensate drain are cleaned.

A full visual inspection of your furnace will also take place making sure that your furnace is running safely and efficiently. If you need maintenance on your furnace, contact the team at Woolley Home Solutions today.

Making Furnace Maintenance Affordable and Easy

Here at Woolley Home Solutions we want to offer our customers the best in service at affordable prices, we offer two plans to help customers keep their heating and cooling systems well cared for.

  • Silver Service Plan – Our silver service plan offers many benefits including a comprehensive annual tune-up, this is your annual maintenance call. When you have a silver service plan you can also receive 15% off service charge fees and parts and labor and we will help schedule your maintenance appointment well in advance.
  • Gold Service Plan – This is our most expensive plan and offers an annual tune-up as well as no service charge on covered parts or labor. Our customer care team will help you schedule your maintenance appointment to suit your needs.

Our plans offer convenient and affordable pricing to help keep your heating system working effectively and efficiently.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in NJ Today

If you are looking to have a heating system that runs smoothly all winter long, contact us in the fall to set up your furnace maintenance appointment. Woolley Home Solutions have been helping our customers stay warm for 100 years.