Frozen Pipe Repair in New Jersey

Serving Essex, Somerset, Morris, & Union Counties

An issue with the pipes in your Maplewood or North Jersey home is always a huge pain and a major source of frustration. But winter brings in a whole new level of concern—frozen or burst pipes! At Woolley Home Solutions, we’ve seen it all, from a frosted up pipe joint, all the way to completely frozen pipe systems. Not only have we seen them, but we’ve also repaired them all and helped local homeowners understand how to prevent frozen pipes in the future.

Are you dealing with frozen pipes in your home, or are you worried about the potential of a burst pipe? Our family-owned and -operated business has been helping local homeowners in Essex County and the surrounding areas for nearly a century. We put our focus on what works best for you, offering our expertise and customer-focused approach to meeting your plumbing repair needs.

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Signs of Frozen Pipes in Your North Jersey Home

Because a frozen pipe can lead to considerable damage and discomfort if left unattended, it’s extremely important that you be able to identify the issue when it comes around. But don’t worry—we aren’t going to make you do guesswork! Keep watch for the following issues:

  • Water supply is slow or uneven – When ice begins to form in your water main or water supply line it can start to constrict the normal flow of water, leading to slow faucets and fixtures. This is often accompanied by gurgling noises or pipe banging—more on that in a moment.
  • Water flow has completely stopped – If you turn on the faucet only to be met with a bare trickle—or even nothing at all—there’s a good chance that your pipes have frozen completely. Do not attempt to run the fixture to see if you can force the ice out! This can lead to pipe bursts.
  • Water will not drain from sinks, tubs, or showers – Just as an exposed main line can freeze, so can the drain lines if they are in contact with too much cold air. If drains won’t do their job and a plunger isn’t helping, it’s probably not a clog. It’s probably a frozen drain line!
  • Strange noises from pipes – Any obstruction in your pipe system can lead to alterations, drops, or increases in the pressure present in the pipe. This often manifests as noise—banging, popping, and gurgling are all common signs of a pipe obstruction or pressure issue.
  • Signs of water damage or pipe leaks – If the worst has happened and your pipe has ruptured or burst, you’ll likely notice the signs of a leak pretty fast. These can include dark patches along walls and floors, unusual amounts of mold development, or weakness in the structure of your home.

Worried that your pipes may have frozen? Don’t wait or hesitate! Call Woolley Home Solutions and we’ll have a trained local plumber on the way immediately!

Frozen Pipe Repair in Maplewood, NJ

If a frozen or strangely-behaving pipe in your home is causing you to worry, don’t stress out—just call Woolley Home Solutions and you’ll be met with a friendly, reliable professional that can provide swift service and affordable solutions.

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