Boiler Installation in New Jersey

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Boilers are one of the oldest forms of heating in the world. As other heating methods have entered the market, boilers have lost much of their market share, but they remain one of the most effective and efficient methods of cooling your home. For many homeowners, boilers remain the only reliable option for whole-house heating solutions because their homes pre-date central HVAC systems and the ductwork necessary to move air to all rooms—a common issue with the aged stock of housing in the New Jersey area.

Although Woolley Fuel started as a coal and heating oil delivery company, today we offer the best heating and cooling products available—including high-efficiency boilers from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

With more than 100 years keeping New Jersey residents warm, why trust anyone else? Contact us today to request a free estimate for a new boiler for your Essex County area home.

Why Choose a Boiler as Your Homes Heat Source?

Here are some of the advantages that boiler installation in New Jersey can bring to your home.

  • Eliminate Uneven Heating – Other sources such as gas furnaces tend to unevenly heat your home. You can eliminate this with a boiler, this is due to the fact that a boiler infuses heat into your homes air, this can eliminate problems such as drafts and cold spaces and provide a more even heat distribution throughout the entire space.
  • Ability to Control Different Zones – When you have a boiler installed you can also easily install zone controls. These controls then let you heat different areas throughout the day. For example you can heat your living areas during the day, then redirect the heat to the bedroom at night. This zone control option lets you control your energy consumption saving you money.
  • Efficient – If you have a larger home or you own an apartment building a boiler can be a great choice.  This is due to the fact that boilers can heat larger areas more efficiently. No matter what amount of space you are heating a boiler can be scaled to fit your homes heating needs.

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If you are looking at a new heating source for your home, whether you are replacing an existing source, or looking at a new way to heat your home, Woolley Fuel can help. Our heating experts can offer information on a wide range of options and help guide you in the most efficient option for your specific needs. We believe in offering exceptional customer service and have been doing just that since 1924. If it is not heating you are after, our experts can also help you with cooling, plumbing, alongside biodiesel and propane sales.

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