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Luxaire HVAC products are some of the most reliable home heating systems on the market, but they’re not invincible. Occasionally, you may need Luxaire furnace repairs to restore order to your comfort system and turn your Luxaire furnace into an energy-efficient heating machine.

Woolley Home Solutions is a Luxaire HVAC Dealer in New Jersey with almost a century of HVAC experience. Our technicians specialize in Luxaire furnace repairs and are ready to diagnose your issues today. Call us at 973-762-7400 or contact us online.

Signs that the Furnace Needs Repair

Any Luxaire furnace owner should know the symptoms of an ailing furnace. Knowing these by heart will help you diagnose problems faster and schedule impromptu furnace repair service. This doesn’t mean that you should always wait for the signs to appear before servicing. Nothing should replace annual tune-ups and cleaning.

1. A Furnace That Won’t Turn On

This one is hard to miss. A furnace that won’t turn on won’t heat your home. The problems could range from a failed pilot light to a faulty gas line that isn’t supplying fuel.

2. Loud Noises

Loud noises from a furnace’s compressor and moving parts hint on loose nuts and bolts. While this might not make the furnace fail in the next hour or two, it will increase wear and tear. This is reason enough to call in the experts as it will decrease the furnace’s lifespan.

3. Problems With the Pilot Light

If a pilot light goes off, you can clean up the orifice and relight it with a match. Dirt and strong wind drafts can put off the furnace. However, if you find the pilot light going off too often, or when you cannot restart it, chances are that there are problems with your thermocouple. In this case, the homeowner will need to call in the experts to look into your furnace.

Luxaire HVAC Dealer In New Jersey

Here at Woolley Home Solutions, we take great pride to be a Luxaire HVAC dealer. As such, we offer you and your New Jersey neighbors the best in Luxaire HVAC products and services, including:

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