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Replacing your Luxaire furnace doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor, and with Woolley Home Solutions, it never is. If your furnace requires frequent repairs, is over 15 years old, or simply doesn’t work anymore, our technicians are here for you. We offer Luxaire furnace replacement and will replace your aging unit with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

We are a Luxaire HVAC dealer located in Maplewood, New Jersey and offer Luxaire furnace replacement in Essex County, Somerset County, Morris County, Union County, and beyond.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Replacing

There are many hints we advise our customers to look for when maintaining their furnaces. Most of them are easy to note while the rest can easily be gleaned from a furnace expert when he or she comes to check on your unit. Some of the things to look out for are:

1. Frequent and Expensive Repairs

While it is normal to incur maintenance and repair costs, a furnace’s core components shouldn’t fail so often. A furnace that has the owner replace expensive core parts within weeks or months is probably at the end of its line. We would recommend people to buy a replacement rather than spend money on an already failing unit.

2. Furnace Consumes More Energy than Before

All Luxaire furnaces are built to be efficient. Regular maintenance ensures that the efficiency score remains as close to the factory specifications as possible. However, as age sets in, the unit will become increasingly inefficient hence consuming more energy than before even after you service it.

3. It’s Getting Increasingly Hard to Get Spare Parts

Another good indicator that a furnace has outlived its importance is if our technicians are having hard time finding the right spares for that model. Luxaire will retire old furnace models and stop supporting them or creating new spares for them. Homeowners with such furnaces will always have very hard time maintaining their units.

Why Hire Us for the Luxaire Furnace Replacement

Woolley Home Solutions is one of the oldest and most reliable HVAC contractors in Northern New Jersey. We are a family owned business that has been in operation since 1924. Our experience in gas furnaces runs since mid-2000’s and we are the certified distributor and service expert for Luxaire furnaces in the region.

By letting us handle your furnace installation, you are guaranteed that you will get to choose from the wide Luxaire furnace catalog and that your furnace will come with a complete warrant. Couple this with our reliability, promptness and competitive pricing and you get a lovable installation and maintenance contractor who will be by your side for as long as your furnace lives.

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Here at Woolley Home Solutions, we take great pride to be a Luxaire HVAC dealer. As such, we offer you and your New Jersey neighbors the best in Luxaire HVAC products and services, including:

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