What to Do About Your Heating System if Your Basement Floods?

As a homeowner in the Greater Maplewood, NJ area, you’re probably prepared for most of the curveballs the weather can throw at you. But are you prepared to handle a flooded basement and the potential damage to your heating system? What exactly do you do about a damaged heating system if your basement floods? Well, the team here at Woolley Home Solutions aims to answer that question in the following blog post. But, before we dive into that, if you find yourself in need of emergency heating services, don’t hesitate to call us today! We’re here for you any time you need us.

Tips If Your Basement Floods

Prioritize Safety Above All

The very first thing you should do in the event of a flooded basement that damages your heating system is prioritize safety. Flooded basements can have electrical hazards and could be dangerous to you and your family. Make sure to turn off the circuit breakers in your basement or reach out to your local electrician to assess if your basement is safe to enter.

Take Note of the Damage

Once you’ve completed all your safety protocols, one of the most important things you need to do if you experience a flooded basement and a damaged heating system is to document the damage. Take pictures of all of the damage caused by the flooding. This will help your claim when it comes time to report the incident to your insurance company. If your heating system or water heater is damaged by the flooding, most manufacturers recommend equipment be replaced and not repaired. In fact, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) recommends replacing your heating system and water heater after a flood for safety reasons. And it’s not only the AHRI making this recommendation, some of the top HVAC manufacturers like Bradford White, as well as Goodman, and Weil-McLain all make the same recommendation to replace your equipment after it is damaged in a flood. Need to replace your heating system or water heater? Woolley Home Solutions can help with that! Call us today for access to our emergency heating repair service.

Keep Your Valuables Dry

The next most important thing you can do in the event of a flooded basement that causes damage to your heating system is keep your valuables dry. This means, once you get cleared to enter your basement, make sure to move important things like boxed items or furniture to a dry and safe place.

Clear Out the Water

Once all of your most important valuables are safe and secured, the next thing you want to do is clear out the water from your flooded basement. If you have a sump pump, and your basement still gets flooded, then the water was too much for the pump to handle, or the pump failed. Be sure to mop up any excess water remaining from the flood. If you have high levels of water, contact your local fire department or a third-party contractor to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Dry the Area

Once the water is gone from your basement, the area will not dry out on its own. You can use fans or industrial blowers to help aid the drying process, or dry mops or a dehumidifier as well.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once your basement is dry, and the area is clear and safe, you should then contact your insurance company to file a claim for damages. There is typically specific coverage for floods, or events deemed to be caused by mother nature, but it is always best practice to file a claim with your insurance carrier to see if the damages are covered by your policy.

Clean the Flooded Space

Now that your basement is dry, and you’ve contacted your insurance company to file a claim, you can then clean the previously flooded basement. Using water and soap, make sure to clean every spot that came in contact with water. You can also use a dehumidifier and an air purifier to help stop mold growth.

Mitigate Flood Risk

After the flooding is over, you should assess what caused the problem. Are there any cracks in your foundation that caused the flooding? Does your sump pump need an upgrade? Seek out professional advice on how to potentially mitigate the risk of another flood.

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