Air Conditioning Maintenance in Montclair, NJ

A regular check-up gives you the best chance of enjoying an efficient, quiet, clean-running air conditioner for many years. Just like any motorized machine, an air conditioner needs the occasional cleaning and tune-up to perform the way it’s intended to.

At Woolley Home Solutions, our expert Montclair AC service team knows how to improve your cooling system with a quick but thorough maintenance visit.

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Montclair, NJ Air Conditioner Maintenance

As a complete home solutions provider, Woolley Home Solutions places your comfort and satisfaction as our top priority. Since 1924, we’ve been providing Montclair, Essex County, and all of northern New Jersey with trusted services.

When you call us for air conditioner maintenance, you get licensed and insured technicians who are extremely skilled, trained, and experienced. We follow a long checklist of maintenance points including inspection, cleaning, repairs, and parts replacements.

After a visit from our Montclair AC maintenance team, you can expect a variety of improvements to your AC efficiency and cooling power.

  • Better indoor air quality (IAQ) from changing the filter and cleaning the components
  • Optimal energy efficiency for lower monthly bills and more eco-friendly cooling
  • Minimized risk of major AC problems that cost a lot more to fix
  • Longer AC lifespan because the equipment can do its job without being overworked
  • More convenient AC service compared to an emergency repair later!

How Often Do I Need to Get AC Maintenance?

Some people procrastinate on air conditioner maintenance because it’s hard to perceive anything wrong with the equipment if nothing is broken. However, there are less visible signs of damage; you may not notice the air conditioner running less powerfully or cooling less consistently. In fact, air conditioners lose 5 to 10% of their efficiency each year without a tune-up.

Compared to a sudden, more expensive breakdown in the middle of summer, it’s far more cost-effective to schedule air conditioner maintenance each spring (or at least once per year).

A tune-up helps shake off the dust from the previous winter. We also lubricate parts, tighten fasteners, and make small part replacements when we find wear and tear.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in Montclair, NJ

Since 1924, Woolley has been winning the trust of Montclair customers thanks to our commitment to quality service and fair prices. Discover the Woolley difference by having one of our highly trained HVAC technicians come out for your next AC tune-up.

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