Drain Cleaning in Maplewood, NJ

Do you have a backed up drain or toilet in the Maplewood, NJ area? If so, you’ve landed at the right place! Woolley Home Solutions provides effective and affordable drain cleaning and repair services to homes and business throughout the northeastern New Jersey area.

Woolley Home Solutions is a family-owned business based right here in the Maplewood, NJ area. We have been providing reliable home services to area home and business owners since 1924! All of our plumbing professionals have extensive training, but most importantly, years of experience tackling a wide range of plumbing problems. No matter what your plumbing problems are, chances are we have seen it and fixed it!

If you need drain cleaning services in the Maplewood, NJ area fill out our contact form to the right or call us at 973-762-3890 to get started!

Clogged Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

The need to have your kitchen or bathroom sink drains unclogged is obvious. If your drains are clogged, water will not drain quickly, making any activity that uses water a hassle. If you have clogged drains, give us a call today. We will send a plumbing expert equipped with the latest drain cleaning equipment out to your home or business to unclog your pipes and get the water flowing again quickly.

Clogged Dishwashers

If you have excess water floating in your dishwasher after the wash cycle is complete, then you likely have a backup caused by a clog in your kitchen sink. Typically, a dishwasher is connected to a kitchen sink’s drain, so if your kitchen sink has a drainage problem, it will negatively impact your dishwasher—causing it to not clean as efficiently.

Clogged Shower and Tub Drains

Shower and bathtubs are one of the most common areas for drain clogs. Hair, soap, and shampoo build up, making it difficult for your water to flow freely. Over time, the clogs can become so severe that water begins to back up into your bathtub or shower. Although store bought chemical cleaners can work, they usually remove only a minimal amount of the build-up, meaning you will encounter the same situation only a short time later. In addition to not being as effective as professional drain cleaning, the chemicals found in store bought drain cleaners can be harmful to your pipes and the environment.

Clogged Toilets

Toilets can easily become clogged due to homeowners flushing items down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed or simply flushing too much of toilet-friendly materials. Although toilet paper will break down over time and generally unclog itself, other materials do not break down as easily, leaving your toilet clogged until you have a professional come out to fix it.

If your toilet is backed up and will not flush properly, call the drain cleaning professionals at Woolley Home Solutions today.

Schedule Drain Cleaning Service

If you are looking for drain cleaning services from a company you can trust, contact the professionals at Woolley Home Solutions today! We have been a trusted partner of northeastern New Jersey residents since 1924! No matter your plumbing needs, Woolley Home Solutions is here to help!

Woolley Home Solutions provides drain cleaning services  throughout the Essex County, NJ area, including (but not limited to):

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  • 07935 – Green Village, NJ
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