Oil Furnace Repair in Bridgewater, NJ

Oil furnaces are among the most dependable heating systems in the United States. They’re easily installed, require no gas lines, and can be used anywhere, including the most remote, rural areas. Long used to heat homes in New Jersey, oil furnaces are efficient and prove a greener option with the introduction of low emission features and improved efficiencies.

Today’s oil furnaces burn much cleaner than their predecessors. EPA standards, as well as those standards self-imposed by the heating industry, guarantee that your home will be heated efficiently, cleanly, and with less impact to the environment than just a few decades ago.

However durable, your oil furnace may need serviced from time to time. Just as they do on any mechanical system  oil furnace wires wear out, nozzles can clog and you notice an increase in your fuel costs as issues large or small decrease the efficiency of your system. These are some of the signs you need to call a professional. You can trust the oil furnace experts at Woolley Home Solutions with all of your oil furnace repair needs.

Woolley Home Solutions has been in business in New Jersey for 100 years. Maplewood’s oldest business put down roots in 1924 for the very purpose of providing heating fuel for the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, Woolley Home Solutions became your hometown experts for oil furnace maintenance and repair.

If you heat your Bridgewater, NJ home using an oil furnace, then you know how imperative a reliable heating system needs to be in our neck of the woods. Winters can be downright frigid, and the last thing you need is to shiver through an icy-cold New Jersey night with no heat.

Heating systems rarely stop working or malfunction without some kind of warning. As a homeowner, you can be proactive, and prevent winter’s chill from seeping into your home by familiarizing yourself with some of the common signs your oil furnace needs to be serviced soon.


Signs Your Oil Furnace Needs Repairs

Some of the most common signs that you need oil furnace repairs are:

  • Burner Doesn’t Work – If you turn on your thermostat and you have no heat, there could be a few reasons. Check to make sure you have fuel, and the electricity is functioning. If you’ve ruled out those causes, it could be a broken wire, or a blocked duct. A non-working burner could also point to a faulty thermostat or burned out motor. You’ll need to call a professional to help determine the cause of a non-operational burner.
  • Odors, Fumes, and Smoke – One of the selling points of a new oil furnace is that it burns clean. You rarely have an issue with smoke, fumes, or odors with one of the newer, more efficient models. If you notice an excess of smoke, noxious fumes, or unusual odors, call a technician immediately. Your problem could be caused by a mis-sized nozzle or ductwork, broken pump, excessive pressure, ignition problem, or a cracked heat exchanger, all of which are best left to a licensed technician.
  • Frequent Cycling or Excessive Fuel Consumption – If you notice an increase in your fuel consumption, or your furnace is constantly cycling, there could be any number of causes. Broken nozzles, leaks in your ductwork, or your system may just need a good cleaning. The professionals at Woolley are equipped to handle any of these issues, and leave you warm and toasty with a fully working furnace.

Schedule Oil Furnace Repair in Bridgewater, NJ Today!

Many of the problems you encounter with an oil furnace have an easy fix. At the first sign your oil furnace isn’t functioning as it should, contact the professionals at Woolley Home Solutions. With knowledge and decades of experience behind them, the oil furnace professionals at Woolley Home Solutions will have your heat up and running in no time, providing you and your family with comfort and peace of mind.

Woolley Home Solutions provides oil furnace repair throughout the Bridgewater, NJ area, including (but not limited to):