Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioners in New Jersey

Serving Essex, Somerset, Morris, & Union Counties

Here at Woolley Home Solutions, we provide homeowners throughout the Northern New Jersey area with full-fledged air conditioning services, including air conditioner repair, replacement and maintenance. Our technicians have the training and experience required to work on a huge variety of air conditioner systems, including Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioners.

Our Fujitsu Ductless A/C Services

The following are the services that we can provide for your Fujitsu ductless air conditioner system:

  • Maintenance – We will inspect your ductless air conditioner thoroughly to ensure that it is functioning at its optimal performance levels. This will help to reduce the risk of your unit breaking down or running inefficiently, thereby ensuring that it will keep your home comfortable and your cooling bills as low as possible.
  • Replacement – If your old air conditioner is no longer effective or efficient, or it has simply broken down, you may want to have it replaced. We can properly install a new Fujitsu ductless air conditioner.
  • Repairs – If your Fujitsu ductless air conditioner is acting up, we will send one of our technicians to your home to inspect the system and determine what the problem is. Our technicians have access to the tools and parts required to make any type of Fujitsu ductless air conditioner repair.


Why Choose Fujitsu?

A comfortable home is a happy home. That’s why thousands of families choose Fujitsu General Halcyon™ Ductless Mini-Split Systems for whisper-quiet, energy-efficient heating and cooling for their homes. These sleek units require no ductwork and allow for flexible, room-by-room temperature control. And with available utility rebates, the savings start on day one.

Fujitsu General provides homeowners with air conditioners and heat pumps featuring the latest innovations and technologies – ensuring optimal home comfort for your family and friends.

Fujitsu ductless home comfort systems offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Individual Zoning
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Low Profile Design
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Rebates and Incentives in Many Areas
  • And More!

To learn more about Fujitsu’s industry leading ductless home comfort systems, contact Woolley Home Solutions today!

Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioners in New Jersey

Whether you are in need of Fujitsu ductless air conditioner maintenance, repairs or replacement, you should be sure to schedule an appointment with us at Woolley Home Solutions today.