10 Telltale Signs Your Plumbing Needs Service

It’s very easy to essentially ignore your home’s plumbing as long as everything is working well enough. However, catching plumbing issues early can not only save you some stress—it can also help you to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Want to find out the most clear-cut signs of a plumbing problem? The local Maplewood plumbers at Woolley Home Solutions are here to clue you in.

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Call for Plumbing Repair or Plumbing Replacement If You Spot These Signs

  • Reduced water pressure. Clogs, burst pipes, and pinhole pipe leaks can all result in a slow drip or intermittently reduced pressure from your plumbing fixtures. It’s important to have these addressed quickly, as leaks can lead to substantial water damage and very costly plumbing replacement projects.
  • Signs of water damage. Keep close watch along floors and walls for any signs of water damage—dark patches, structural weakness, unusual mold growth—and have a plumber come out for an inspection if you spot any. These usually mean there’s a leak somewhere where it cannot be seen normally.
  • Frequent plumbing clogs. A toilet clog or a clog in the sink from time to time can happen, but if a clog keeps coming back over and over again then you need professional service. Generally, your best option here is a full, professional-grade drain cleaning.
  • Slow moving drains. Slow moving drains are most frequently a symptom of constant clogging issues, and the causes essentially go hand-in-hand with frequent clogs. Additional causes may include sewer drain line damage, root intrusion, or freezing pipelines.
  • Discoloration present in the water. Water that is yellow, brown, or flecked with sediment is closely tied to the condition of the water heater, or the condition of your pipes. If the water heater tank is corroded or if the tank hasn’t been maintained (flush and fill) in some time, it can result in yucky, gunky water.
  • Funky or unusual odors from drains. Odd drain line smells are most commonly found in the lowest drains in the home—the basement usually. These smells can often mean sewer line damage or sewer line clogs, which either a drain cleaning or sewer line repair can remedy.
  • Knocking sounds in the walls. Knocking in the walls can be pipes that have either come loose from their fastenings, or pipes that are experiencing irregular changes in pressure. This should be repaired immediately before the pipes can do serious damage to your walls.
  • Insufficient hot water. A lack of hot water will, of course, relate to your water heater. Most often this problem is either due to a lack of water heater maintenance or is due to your water heater being incorrectly sized for your family’s needs.
  • Aging pipes are 50 years old or older. Back in the day construction teams used lead pipes, galvanized steel, or pipes that contained vermiculite. Not only are all of these ineffective compared to modern options, but the lead and vermiculite can be dangerous.
  • General performance issues. Even if your plumbing problems are very small, like a steady drip from a faucet or a toilet that phantom flushes from time to time, it’s important to schedule a plumbing repair or plumbing inspection as soon as possible. Little issues only get bigger over time, and getting a service now can avoid far more expensive issues in the future!

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